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It is my pleasure to recommend David Ross and PayJunction as one of the premier payment processing solutions, from both a product and service stand point. Prior to PayJunction, IntegraMed was processing credit card payments across four different platforms in order to accommodate: (online, recurring, card present and card not present) transactions.
David Ross was there at every stage, as we set up over 200 merchant accounts, installed over 150 smart terminals and trained over 500 users.
PayJunction has brought IntegraMed into the 21st century, and we are proud to be utilizing the most advanced technology in terms of credit card processing. – view David’s full letter of recommendation
David Aldo, Manager, Treasury & Finance, IntegraMed Fertility
It is with great pleasure I am writing a letter of recommendation for PayJunction. PayJunction came highly recommended by a colleague who has been using them for the past several years. I was impressed by PayJunction’s ability to lower our costs, increase our productivity (allow the set-up of automatic payments for patients on a payment plan), etc David Ross and Nicholas DiNapoli have been very professional, well versed on their product/service(s) and eager to answer all our questions. I would be happy to discuss our experience with you [prospective clients] directly. – view Michelle’s full letter of recommendation
Michelle Lynch, Business Office Manager, Center for Reproductive Health
I thought I would comment on how pleased I am with PayJunction. …overall, it has been a positive experience. The training has been easy to understand; you and the other PayJunction staff have provided great service and have been available for any questions.  It took almost two years for us to take the leap and change from the provider that we were using.  I wish we had done it sooner! – view Barbara’s full letter of recommendation
Barbara Kontje, Administrator, Tulsa Fertility
(Revisited – 2014) I will start this review as I do when speaking about PayJunction… WOW! The old adage “if it’s too good to be true, stay away” does NOT apply here. David with PayJunction has it together! He has an industry background and understands the challenges of an administrative office. The PayJunction method is the best I have used in my 24 years of Practice Management. It is easy to use, easy to train, low [processing] rates and high flexibility…More you say? It’s so easy my NURSES are able to take payments when traveling to our satellite consult offices. I can’t say enough about this company! – view Deb’s full letter of recommendation
Deborah Dugas, Fertility & Women's Health of Louisiana
All of our employees have loved how easy it is to use PayJunction. Patients are enjoying the fact that they no longer have to sign the little slips of thermal paper from the old terminals. In fact, they don’t have to have a printed receipt at all if they want to provide an email address.
We LOVE the fact that it is easy to edit a payment if a service cannot be performed as scheduled. It is also very easy to set up recurring monthly payments, which is so efficient for our billing department. Perhaps the best feature of the service is the ability for our patients to pay us via our website payment portal. Our patients…can pay at their convenience not ours.

You and your support staff have been extremely responsive and understanding of our needs during the entire process. Thank you for your excellent product and service. – view Susan’s full letter of recommendation

Susan Hughes, VaIVF & Andrology Center
(Revisited – 2014) PayJunction is great! The paperless online terminal processing makes our lives easier. The system is easy to use, allows us access from any computer in the office, and produces instant results for our credit and debit processing. The best part is that we have eliminated the hassle of paper receipts, and closing our batches at the end of each month has become a breeze!

…We are so pleased with the high level of customer service we receive and will continue to recommend PayJunction as an excellent company to trust for online credit card processing. – view Wendy’s full letter of recommendation

Wendy S., Billing Department Supervisor, InVia Fertility Services
Thank you for being so persistent that I try PayJunction. Making the decision to switch to PayJunction was the best decision made for Boca Fertility for our patient payment system. We were afraid to switch our merchant systems because we knew what we had and it was working, however; David and his staff, were so helpful in training us to use PayJunction.
It is so simple to use PayJunction. PayJunction has improved our practice in so many ways. You can have any offices considering using PayJunction call me to find out about the wonderful benefits this has meant to our practice and our patients. I highly recommend any business try PayJunction.
Sharon Peress, Practice Manager, Boca Fertility
PayJunction is like a dream come true for our company. We have a superior payment processing system that has saved us over 40% compared to our previous provider. We have it set-up on multiple terminals [stations] at our two clinics. It is hands down the best merchant processing system I have ever used in my 20+ years of office management.

My staff loves it and training to use it only takes about 2 minutes. Our representative, David Ross, is dedicated to providing the best customer service possible. I give PayJunction 5 stars for features, ease of use, security, customer service and fees/costs. I highly recommend PayJunction. – view Cathy’s full letter of recommendation

Cathy Hules, Financial Controller & Director of Human Resources, Red Rock Fertility
I want to thank you for introducing our company to PayJunction. Your professionalism and ease to work with made the implementation seamless. Not only is the system user friendly but it will save us a significant amount of money in processing fees [costs]. I would be confident in recommending any business to switch their credit card processing to PayJunction . – view Colleen’s full letter of recommendation
Colleen D. Ryan, Administrator, New York Fertility Services
1. PayJunction’s paperless system has eliminated the excess use of paper, envelopes, and stamps. Great for the environment and great for our bottom line. By going paperless, we have eliminated time wasted filing, and no longer have to worry about storage space. The BEST PART is having the ability to search for transactions at the click of a button rather than sifting through piles of credit card receipts; the archiving is great!

2. PayJunction’s ability to place a credit card on “recurring” is a plus when it comes to collections. PayJunction gives us the convenience to set a patient up on a payment plan that automatically charges their card. This eliminates the need for us to call the patient every month and risk not obtaining payment.

3. The three best features to PayJunction are 1) paperless 2) archiving 3) ease of use. All three combined save time and money. PayJunction has improved our workflow… – view Wendy’s full letter of recommendation

Wendy S., Billing Department Supervisor, InVia Fertility Specialists
RMA of TX would like to thank you for such a great system. PayJunction makes our life so much easier, we absolutely love it! We no longer have to deal with paper, and our patients love that we can just email the receipt to them. We have three locations, and being able to refund from any office is so wonderful. – view Lauralicia’s full letter of recommendation
Lauralicia Kasa, Controller, RMA of TX
We have been using PayJunction’s virtual terminal in our practice for many years and recently upgraded to electronic signature pads for increased efficiency and security. David promised we would love it and we were not disappointed! The virtual terminal is easy to use, reliable, and secure – it is a perfect fit for our cutting-edge practice. PayJunction allows us to seamlessly integrate credit card processing into our patient checkout, set up recurring payments for stress-free financial arrangements, and generate financial reports with ease. – view Anna’s full letter of recommendation
Anna DeCicco, Financial Coordinator, Bittner Beautiful Smiles

We now have money flying at us from all directions. The virtual terminal has allowed us to capture electronic signatures at the office AND over the phone/email, our website now accepts payments at 10p from patients, recurring billing for payment plans… it’s great . With everything stored online, I can immediately see when a cycle is due. As far as training the staff, it was done in minutes! There is absolutely NO reason not to have this at the office! You can have anyone contact me anytime about PayJunction.

Denise, FACMPE, Northern California Fertility Medical Center
I just wanted to take a moment and express my appreciation for your introduction to PayJunction and how grateful we are in how this has changed our work flow in just a few days. First of all, the demonstration was very clear and informative (no doubt it sells itself). Secondly, the training was very simple and the staff learned how to use it in a few minutes. Finally, I can already see how effective and efficient this has made our practice after using in a short amount of time. I highly recommend PayJunction and have NO REGRETS, except that we didn’t use it earlier this year. Thanks for all the support and making our lives a little easier! – view Shirley’s full letter of recommendation
Shirley, Practice Manager, Fertility Center of Tennessee
…having the patients sign their receipts via email is not only COST EFFECTIVE and TIME SAVING, but it allows for a paperless online archive to assure accuracy. The service and support of David Ross and the entire PayJunction staff has been nothing but professional and a pleasure to work with. They genuinely want to be an integral part of the office and work to accommodate in every way possible. I would recommend them to anyone who wants a more efficient way to process cards. Thank you for implementing the last credit card processing system our office will ever use. – view Judy’s full letter of recommendation
Judy, Administrator, Braverman Reproductive
Regarding implementation of PayJunction, I can only say WOW! I literally trained the staff in 5 minutes. We no longer have stacks of credit card receipts as all of our records are a click away on the computer terminal. Balancing the first day took approximately 2 minutes and there is no need to print a lengthy report because it stays on the system. All of my administrative employees now take payments over the phone and email the receipts to the patients. The patients love it and the signature pad is a breeze…I wish I had implemented this 5 months ago when I first inquired about it. Thanks for a great system! – view Deborah’s full letter of recommendation
Deborah Dugas, Fertility & Women's Health of Louisiana
In the past, I felt that merchant service providers were not sensitive to my needs and did not provide the quickest and most convenient solution to my problems. PayJunction has handled my issues as if they were their own, and I am completely satisfied. Lowering our processing costs has been great, too! Thank you again! – view Meredith’s full letter of recommendation
Meredith Fogelman, Center for Reproductive Endocrinology
As the practice administrator, I handle calls from merchant service providers all the time and they all offer the same product or service. Through working with you, I found a PRODUCT WHICH I FIND UNIQUE AND A COMPANY WITH EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE, which I highly value. I am amazed at the amount of savings we enjoyed in just our first month; almost $3,000!!! – view Maria’s full letter of recommendation
Maria Amado, Miami IVF
Things are going great! We love the on-line portal. The billing staff is enjoying the recurring payment feature, too. On behalf of the staff at Piedmont Reproductive Endocrinology Group, PA (PREG), I would like to express our gratitude and appreciation of David. He has been instrumental in the set-up and maintenance of PayJunction. With this merchant service, our office has found it to be exceptionally easy, fast and user friendly. (David’s) efficacy and effectiveness has truly impressed us and I would recommend PayJunction to any practice that is looking to expand the possibilities of exceeding their patient’s expectations. – view Faith’s full letter of recommendation
Faith Ripley, Piedmont Reproductive and Endocrinology Group
Dave Ross (PayJunction) offered a free 30 day trial , including the upgraded easy swiper that attached directly to my computer. I figured free trial…why not? I now know this system is a blessing. The statements are easy to read, receipts print directly from my computer, and it makes the end of the day work a cinch. The customer service has been very helpful in answering all questions and Dave has checked in several times to make sure things are going well. We are very satisfied with our decision to switch to PayJunction. I would recommend it to any business that processes credit cards.
Mande, Rockville Road Dentistry
Since being assigned the task of researching and comparing the range of merchant service providers that would best fulfill our current and future needs, I have determined that Dave Ross and PayJunction significantly outshine the others in reputation, affordability, and support
Heidi Williams-Bertrand, Financial Coordinator, Lifetime Smiles

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