Modernize Your Payments

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Accept payments anywhere, with contactless devices and virtual terminals.

Modernize Your Payments

Accept payments anywhere, with contactless devices and virtual terminals.

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Quickly add paperless & modern contactless terminals to your business.

Stop touching your customer’s cards!

Lower COVID-19 Risk

Stop printing paper receipts!

Accept all payment types with one of the fastest terminals in the market: the Contactless* Terminal

  • NFC – *Google Pay, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay

  • Customer Facing

  • Easy to Sanitize

  • Digital or No Signature

  • Secure Checkout

  • Store receipts in the cloud

  • Print or email receipts

  • PCI & HIPAA Compliant

We provide mid- to large businesses with the safest credit card processing systems and best rates available.

Typically, we save businesses as much as 5% — 45% off their monthly bill. No risk. No obligation. Just the best processing products, great rates and the best service.

  • NO Contract Exit Fee

  • NO PCI Fees

  • FREE Equipment*
  • 100% Satisfaction

Client Feedback

“ … Prior to [making the switch], IntegraMed was processing credit card payments across four different platforms in order to accommodate: (online, recurring, card present and card not present) transactions. David Ross was there at every stage, as we set up over 200 merchant accounts, installed over 150 smart terminals and trained over 500 users.”



“WOW! The old adage “if it’s too good to be true, stay away” does NOT apply here. David with [Paperless Payments] has it together! He has an industry background and understands the challenges of an administrative office. … the best I have used in my 24 years of Practice Management … easy to use, easy to train, low [processing] rates and high flexibility.”



“Patients are enjoying the fact that they no longer have to sign the little slips of thermal paper from the old terminals. In fact, they don’t have to have a printed receipt at all if they want to provide an email address. We LOVE the fact that it is easy to edit a payment if a service cannot be performed as scheduled. Thank you for your excellent product and service. ”



“The paperless online terminal processing makes our lives easier. The system is easy to use, allows us access from any computer in the office, and produces instant results for our credit and debit processing. The best part is that we have eliminated the hassle of paper receipts, and closing our batches at the end of each month has become a breeze!”



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