Included (for free) with the webinar training are all required 2014 forms, documents, and policies to capture and store payment information at the office.

You may click here to preview and download the forms and documents being covered in episode #1:

2014 Financial Policy Legal Requirements of storing payment information, Patient Sign In Form, Patient Information Form, and Rebuttals

Learn how to overcome any objections in completing your offices required paperwork.

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Episode #1Proper Financial Policy and Pt Information Form (9 M 36 secs)

Episode #2Effective Ways and Times to Ask for Payment (14 M 19 secs)

Episode #3Billing Statements and When to Send Them (8 M 20 secs)

Episode #4Modern Techniques / Technology to Increase Payments (9 M 53 secs)

Episode #5Collection Phone Calls and Overcoming Objections (10 M 6 secs)

In the series we also discuss how Paperless Payments by PayJunction will dramatically increase revenue to your practice.


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The Paperless Team

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