Collecting Payment and Eliminating Past Due Accounts

Collection Phone Calls and Overcoming Objections

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Healthcare Presenter David Ross covers the ins and outs of 

In the fifth and final episode of "Collecting Payment and Eliminating Past Due Accounts", we'll reveal:

  1. the importance of keeping the Outbound collection call brief (2 - 3 minutes)
    1. Letting the patient's mind do the work
    2. Maintaining control (empathy vs. sympathy)
  2. how to utilize the INBOUND phone call to:
    1. never miss an opportunity and
    2. properly accept payment over the phone

This episode will further train your patients how YOU want/expect to be paid.


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You'll also learn how to maximize PayJunction's Paperless Payment financial management software to process all of your non-cash (credit cards and checks) transactions, while capturing electronic signatures and emailing receipts - ALL from your existing computers at the office.

One Simple software; allowing your business to process:

  • At your office
  • Through your Website and
  • Wirelessly, should you wish

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