2 Minute PayJunction Video Tutorials

We know your time is valuable; therefore we created these easily accessible quick tutorials.  Within a few minutes, you and your staff will be experts; mastering PayJunction’s advanced features.To begin a tutorial simply click on the video image.  To go full-screen click in the lower right of the video player.

e-Signature Capture

What’s the quickest way to simplify your billing process, lower your business expenses, stay more organized, and help the environment? Electronic signatures and paperless payments.  Find out how to use this amazing technology here. (2M 20sec)

Remote Signature Capture

How do you accept signatures for card-not-present transactions? Magic? That might work, but we have a simpler, fraud-reducing option – remote signature capture. (1M 39sec)

Process a Card

Swiping or keying a credit card transaction is simple and easy. How easy? Watch this video and be amazed. (1M 54sec)

Process a Check

With Paperless Payments, processing a check is easy and efficient. Watch this video and you’ll become a check processing champion in less than two minutes. (1M 31sec)

Logging In

Processing payments with convenience, security, and ease is only one step away. Follow these instructions to access PayJunction’s Trinity System. (1M 28sec)

Void & Refund

Voiding and refunding transactions is simple. Find out how, in this video tutorial. (1M 26sec)


Need to recharge a repeat patient, but don’t want to re-enter their credit card or check info? We can help you with that. (1M 22sec)

Batches & Deposits

What is a batch? This video will explain what batches are and how they work. (1M 40sec)

Recurring Billing

Setting up recurring billing is easy! Learn how to set up automatic billing of your clients. (1M 56sec)

User Management

In addition to customizing your settings, you can create an unlimited number of users – all with unique settings. (2M 15sec)


Securely store your contacts and their credit card information, without the liability of keeping it at your business. Reduce your stress! (2M 12sec)


Organizing your clients into groups is a great way to keep in touch. Want to send a coupon to your repeat clients? It’s simple to do. (2M 28sec)

Exporting Data

While all of your reports are safely stored on our web-based system, you can also download them to your own computer, or print them out. (1M 40Sec)


Need to find an old customer? Our search feature has you covered. No more shuffling through paperwork and file cabinets!(1M 11sec)

Customized Searches

Did you know you have control over which information is displayed in your search results? Find out how in this video.(1M 24sec)


Find your customers quickly and easily, with the convenient QuickSearch feature.(1M 23sec)

Security Settings

Want to add additional security measures? We’ll show you how, with Address Verification and Card Verification Codes.(1M 04sec)

Approve AVS Declines

Address Verification is a great security measure. But, sometimes you may need to override this setting to process a transaction.(1M 32sec)

Customized Fields

Restaurants need to collect tips, while online stores need to collect shipping addresses. Create your own custom settings. (1M 21sec) 

Manual Batch

For your convenience, all accounts are setup to close batches automatically every evening. But, you can update your account to manually batch if needed. (1M 19sec)

Hosted Checkout

PayJunction’s SSL secure hosted checkout solution allows you to enable secure online payments to your website in a matter of minutes. (2M 38sec)

Payment Gateway

When it comes to processing payments online, there are three Payment Gateway options to choose from. Find out which one is best for you, in this video. (1M 43sec)

Avoiding PCI Audits

This patent pending technology will take your Payment Application out of the scope of PCI. This means, no PCI audits, penetration tests, and lower IT overhead. (5M 51sec)

 No Contract – No PCI Fee or Hassle – Low Rate Guarantee – Free Setup

Contact a Paperless Payments Expert today @ 888.429.7282 for a customized demo

Wholesale Pricing

Just 0.75% per transaction. No monthly, annual, PCI, or exit fees.

Free Equipment

Qualified businesses receive a free swiper and signature capture device.

Next Day Deposits

We deposit your funds in one business day.

PCI Level 1

We are a PCI Level 1 compliant service provider that is also HIPAA compliant.