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What Our Members Say

Things are going great! We love the on-line portal. The billing staff is enjoying the recurring payment feature, too. On behalf of the staff at Piedmont Reproductive Endocrinology Group, PA (PREG), I would like to express our gratitude and appreciation of David. He has been instrumental in the set-up and maintenance of PayJunction. With this merchant service, our office has found it to be exceptionally easy, fast and user friendly. (David’s) efficacy and effectiveness has truly impressed us and I would recommend PayJunction to any practice that is looking to expand the possibilities of exceeding their patient’s expectations.
Faith Ripley
Amazingly, the PayJunction system has streamlined the way our dealership processes and manages our credit card and debit card transactions … I can confidently recommend PayJunction as a solid, reliable processor. They truly have an amazing product and are experts in their field.
George Grubbs III , Grubbs Infiniti, LTD
Because of your help and willingness to point out numerous options and benefits to using PayJunction, I have told numerous friends about this service. Thank you for everything!
M. Khan, College of Music
I cannot tell you how grateful I am on your follow up to integrate my website shopping cart to your system. I have already spoken to great people in tech services
S. Spencer, San Rafael Valley Beef
I would have never been able to do that on my own. Great customer service, above and beyond! You are amazing… Thank you so very much!
A. Stanley, Freedom Fighters
Your attitude and approach was professional, warm and patient. We also recognized that you stayed on the phone with us even though it went past the 5pm hour – great customer service! Thanks again for being there for us!
Herzog Images, Herzog Images
It has been a pleasure to work with PayJunction, our work has been much easier. They have excellent customer service and if we every run into any kind of problems they are there to help us. We love how they make it easier for our customers to pay their bills online. We strongly recommend PayJunction.
John Parker , John Parker Motors
I will start this review as I do when speaking about PayJunction… WOW! The old adage “if it’s too good to be true, stay away” does NOT apply here. David with PayJunction has it together! He has an industry background and understands the challenges of an administrative office. The PayJunction method is the best I have used in my 24 years of Practice Management. It is easy to use, easy to train, low [processing] rates and high flexibility…More you say? It’s so easy my NURSES are able to take payments when traveling to our satellite consult offices. I can’t say enough about this company!
Deborah Dugas, Fertility & Women's Health of Louisiana
Thank you for being so persistent that I try PayJunction. Making the decision to switch to PayJunction was the best decision made for Boca Fertility for our patient payment system. We were afraid to switch our merchant systems because we knew what we had and it was working, however; David and his staff, were so helpful in training us to use PayJunction. It is so simple to use PayJunction. PayJunction has improved our practice in so many ways. You can have any offices considering using PayJunction call me to find out about the wonderful benefits this has meant to our practice and our patients. I highly recommend any business try PayJunction.
Sharon Peress, Boca Fertility
I want to thank you for introducing our company to PayJunction. Your professionalism and ease to work with made the implementation seamless. Not only is the system user friendly but it will save us a significant amount of money in processing fees [costs]. I would be confident in recommending any business to switch their credit card processing to PayJunction .
Colleen D. Ryan, New York Fertility Services
PayJunction is like a dream come true for our company. We have a superior payment processing system that has saved us over 40% compared to our previous provider. We have it set-up on multiple terminals [stations] at our two clinics. It is hands down the best merchant processing system I have ever used in my 20+ years of office management. My staff loves it and training to use it only takes about 2 minutes. Our representative, David Ross, is dedicated to providing the best customer service possible. I give PayJunction 5 stars for features, ease of use, security, customer service and fees/costs. I highly recommend PayJunction.
Cathy Hules, Red Rock Fertility