The Benefits of Interchange Plus Pricing vs. the Pitfalls of Tiered Pricing

Why You Should Never Ask "What Are Your Rates?" Ever Again

Credit Card Pricing Explained
Webinar Host David Ross

Partnering with cutting-edge payment gateways and processing companies since 2007, with 14+ years of experience, David has revealed the "secrets" behind credit card processing fees and charges.

The results?  Business owners have never been happier with their payment processor!

His leadership and experience are valuable assets to the growth and development of Paperless and Contactless Payments.

We're Going to Show You...

  • How to fully understand what you are paying to process cards...once and for all!
  • How to make losing money due to "tiered" pricing a thing of the past.
  • A simple breakdown of "Interchange Plus" Pricing
  • How to always pay the lowest rate, regardless of swiped, keyed, or card-not-present
  • How to totally eliminate ALL complicated "bs" fees...even if you have been confused for years.

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