"How To Capture Electronic Signatures Like Walmart, Target, and Other Billion Dollar Processors...Without Adding Expense to Your Clinic"

The Era of The Smart Terminal Has Arrived!


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You'll discover...


  1. The TRUTH about EMV-chip card terminals and why "forward-facing" Smart Terminals that accept "everything" are the way to go.
  2. The health hazards of thermal Paper - How to eliminate it and the need to store signed paper receipts forever!
  3. How to get money flying at you and your office staff 24/7/365 in mere seconds!
  4. Setting up recurring transactions; allowing you to sleep at night knowing your payment plans will be honored!
  5. Accepting cards AND checks!
  6. With REMOTE SIGNATURE CAPTURE, you'll make losing money due to "chargebacks" a thing of the past.
  7. A simple 4-step "compliance formula" that makes RECHARGING and RECURRING billing safe, simple, convenient AND PCI-Compliant.
  8. "Interchange Plus" pricing lowers processing costs & increases revenue
  9. Improved patient experiences at your office
  10. How to totally eliminate ALL complicated tech stuff...even if you hate computers.
  11. And, much, much more...

Process EVERYTHING (credit cards and checks, EMV, Android and Apple Pay) while capturing electronic signatures, and email or print receipts ALL from your existing computers at the practice.

One simple software; allowing your practice to process:

    • At your office
    • Through your Website and
    • Wirelessly, should you wish

 You will quickly see why so many doctors are going paperless and trust PayJunction with their processing.


*$500 Gift Card Challenge*

We guarantee to MATCH or BEAT your existing rate/fee structure AND implement super simple, easy to use features designed to lower your overall processing costs or we'll send you a $500 Amazon.com or any other gift card of your choosing.

*It's super simple to qualify, we must verify your office processes >$25,000/month by completing a cost savings analysis for you. Just provide us with two (2) months of billing statements from your current provider and we'll do the rest.


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