Credit Card Processing for Today's Medical Office

Electronic Signatures, HIPAA and PCI Compliancy, and EMV


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27 Money Saving Tips Your Credit Card Processor Doesn't Want You to Know About

In this quick and easy demonstration, you'll discover breaking news on how to lower your processing costs and increase revenue, while improving your patient's experience at your office, through your website, and on the go...

Process credit cards and checks, capture electronic signatures, and email or print receipts ALL from your existing computers at the office. One Simple software; ensuring your practice's compliancy and enabling your practice to:

  • Never encounter chargebacks - with REMOTE Signature Capture, losing money due to chargebacks is a thing of the past.
  • "Set it and forget it" payments - set up safe, quick & easy RECURRING billing for convenient payment plans, if needed
  • Activate 24/7 payments- you'll learn to put a "Make A Payment" button on your website in mere seconds
  • Eliminate Outdated and Overpriced "Rewards" Fees - dramatically reduce excessive "mid-" and "non-qual" charges
  • Say 'Good-bye' to PCI-Compliance Fees and Quarterly Scans - bypass these fees and time-killers by going paperless

You'll quickly learn how to maximize PayJunction's financial management software to process all of your non-cash (credit cards and checks) transactions, while capturing electronic signatures and emailing receipts  - ALL from your existing computers at the office.

It's no wonder so many practices trust PayJunction with their processing.

p.s. We'll also discuss harmful BPA and thermal paper receipts at the doctor's office.  Find out more at:

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