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27 Simple and Free Updates You Should Have…Now!


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We'll cover the ins and outs of PayJunction's Paperless Payments.

In this quick and easy demonstration, we'll reveal 27 Simple and Free Updates You Should Have…Now! including:

  1. Thermal Paper - How to eliminate the need to store signed paper receipts forever!
  2. How to get money flying at you and your office staff 24/7/365 in mere seconds!
  3. Avoiding PCI-Compliance Fees and Penalties for storing cards on file
  4. Setting up recurring transactions!
  5. Accepting cards AND checks!
  6. And, the truth about whether your dealership needs to bother with EMV-chip card terminals (HINT: They are not truly 'required').

Learn how to maximize PayJunction's financial management software to process all of your non-cash (credit cards and checks) transactions, capture electronic signatures, and email or print receipts ALL from your existing computers at the dealership. One Simple software; allowing your dealership to process:

  • At your dealership
  • Through your Website and
  • Wirelessly

You will see why THOUSANDS of dealerships trust PayJunction with their processing.

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